Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Academy

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Why Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Academy?


The future will not look like the past: we are in an era of global disruptive transformation by automation and artificial intelligence. Old economies are on the cusp of disappearing; our environment is at the edge of crisis. New models of innovation are needed to meet this challenging future. Automation means that hard skills need to become flexible, adaptive and innovation centered. We put disruptive innovation at the heart of entrepreneurship with the philosophy that this is critical for all of us meet the future effectively. 


Teaching Philosophy

The Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Academy has at its core a unique model of teaching innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • We put disruptive innovation at the heart of entrepreneurship 
  • We offer students an immersive, hands-on experimental and collaborative learning environment. 
  • We partner with cutting-edge businesses and entrepreneurs.  
  • We use the best of 3D Printing technology with bleeding-edge business models to quickly create prototypes for testing


What We Offer

Our program consists of 3 programs offered over the course of a student's university education:

  1. We offer a two-week, deeply immersive, cultural and business experience for students interested in learning how to innovate and develop fundamental entrepreneurship skills. 
  2. With our partners we support internships in Graz and the NYC metro area
  3. An international capstone class to launch and commercialize international start-ups

In addition, we offer on-going peer mentorship and an international community of support.

Apply Now

Are you currently enrolled at Montclair State University or the University of Graz? Are you interested in true innovation entrepreneurship? If so, then join us now! We are currently accepting applications for the 2018 Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Academy cohort. 


“Empathize with the world.”

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