Think outside the box

When people talk about innovation they usually advise you to:
Think outside the box.

But in this class you don't only need to think outside the box.

You also need to:
Think outside the room, think outside the building and even think outside the constraints of our world.



You need to think about everything that could be possible and about everything that seems impossible. It might sound abstract – and yes, IT IS abstract indeed. To make it a bit more comprehensible: This years overall topic was “housing”.

In the beginning we defined what housing means for us and what we consider as important – regarding this topic.  This could be aspects like “safety, privacy, comfort, coziness, rejuvenation, ...”. In this phase, we're still in our box.

By talking about definitions for “safety”, “privacy”, “comfort and coziness” and “rejuvenation” we filled the box with our own understanding and then we were ready to break through the walls of our box.
We imagined a world where the parameters “safety”, “privacy” and “comfort and coziness” are not existing anymore. That means we thought about a world where the main purpose of housing is just “rejuvenation”. Safety, privacy, comfort and coziness would not be necessary anymore for future living. What could such a world look like?

If you're doing this process of thinking several times, than you're getting always further away from your standard way of thinking and manage to create new boxes – or a new world.

To comprehend this abstract process better, there exists just one way:
Take part in the program and experience it on your own.

Experience the Transatlantic Entrepreneurship Academy – Innovation at its best!


Written by Thomas Lorenz

University of Graz, Cohort of 2018

Lorenz Schmoly