The Boomerang Queen

When I started the TEA journey I didn’t have so much expectation about it. I only was open minded and excited where it goes. At the end of the journey I can say I didn’t even know that you can undergo such an experience in such a short amount of time. It was incredible to explore a completely new country, learn a new way of thinking and work on an idea with people with other backgrounds and other approaches. One of the most important things is that you learn so much about yourself. I believe it is truly fundamental in life to learn everyday something new and never stand still. You should think about how you could be a better version of yourself everyday. I can say the TEA is a great opportunity to improve yourself. There are so many situations that put you out of your comfort zone and you have to master. You have to do presentations in a different language, have to work with people you didn’t know well, have to travel to an unknown country and have to think out of the box. There are a lot of exciting, funny, but also stressful situations but at least it all was worth it. I think we all met as strangers and left as friends. Friends who experienced such an amazing time together and I think everyone learned so much about themselves.


It was one of my best decisions ever to participate in the academy and be part of it. I’m so grateful that I met these people. Sometimes it was a little bit painful because we laughed so hard that our stomach hurt but this was also worth it. :P I’m also very glad about my new title I got during the academy. The “boomerang queen" loved it to entertain you!


Written by Saskia Huber

University of Graz, Cohort of 2018

Lorenz Schmoly