"I will leben – I want to live"


There´s an austrian song called "I will leben – I want to live“ and it´s about how important it is to feel yourself from tip to toe.

What I want to say is that I never ever felt so alive’ during this TEA program and I didn´t know that a human being can feel so many different emotions at almost the same moment. I was nervous, interested, exhausted, motivated, truly happy, I cried and I´ve never laughed that much like I did in these two weeks. And that was all because I got to know a lot of great people who won my heart and made my time during the TEA so unforgettable.

Despite that the two weeks were packed with a lot of things like presentations from great and successful entrepreneurs, visiting powerful companies, sightseeing, being innovative, 3D printing, drinking & chatting, playing pool, singing and dancing at the karaoke bar, having the best dinner at an Ethiopian restaurant, keeping Instagram updated, learning how to pronounce‚ squirrel’ and last but not least having a pool party.

For me one of the greatest things about the TEA is, that you can learn from other very talented and open-minded people so that you can improve yourself. I´m very grateful and proud to be part of the TEA 2018!

Written by Lisa Skale

University of Graz, Cohort of 2018

Lorenz Schmoly