Surrounded by yellow cabs...

When I saw the TEA poster for the first time I had an imagination: walking in Big Apple surrounded by yellow cabs and glowing skyscrapers talking to my new friends about our ideas. And my fantasy came true. In April 2017, I was walking through Manhattan with lovely people I had met in Austria one month before. Participating on this program is much more than just traveling and working. We all got deep insights into other cultures, social customs and lifestyle. I’ll never forget my first fried pickles I ate in NY like some of the American guys will remember our “Pfandl” in Graz. During the academy working means getting closer by developing a vision you have created together. That’s the way how group members become more than just colleagues. Friendships were made during TEA 2017. I wish all the future participants to experience the same great adventures that we have been on half a year ago.

Written by Milica Dubravac

University of Graz, Cohort 2017

Milicia_yellow cabs
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